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Why You're Bored.

Updated: Jun 19

"Ugh, there is NOTHING to do." -Me on a beautiful, sunny 70-degree day outside while in my house with lighting quick internet, and a TV with thousands of channels. I know the feeling of boredom all too well. During a conversation with my dad, he said he doesn't see how people find themselves bored. I initially thought he was crazy for saying that. Boredom is inevitable. Or is it?

There are an infinite number of things to be watched, read, or seen. There are countless activities or hobbies that people can partake in. If you routinely find yourself bored with your life as I do, you likely don't realize all the things to explore. There are always new things to view. Unless it's boring as shit, it's impossible to be bored when you're doing something new.

There's a strong correlation between laziness and boredom. Deep down, everyone wishes to improve their lives and gain accomplishments. However, laziness often gets the better of people. It's easier to sit around bored than to go out of your way to be productive. Completing worthwhile tasks takes effort, commitment, and hard work. Because of that, people will convince themselves they don't need to have goals or a purpose.

People who are bored likely have too much spare time. Leisure time is supposed to be a time for relaxation and entertainment. The point of that is to unwind after a long day of work. However, if we spend a large portion of our time goofing around, then the idea of unwinding loses its entire meaning. Free time is how many reward themselves after a successful and challenging day. If you consistently feel bored, chances are you aren't being productive enough to get a full sense of satisfaction from your time spent relaxing. If this is the case, cut down the amount of time you devote to activities that only give you instant gratification. Also, less free time is more free time. The less time we spend on something, the more valuable, meaningful, and fun that time is. Quality over quantity.

Being bored is easy. Sitting around and not putting much effort into our current task sounds ideal. You know what that doesn't sound like? Productivity or happiness. Isn't feeling happy the most important thing? Explore all the world has to offer, stop being lazy, and enjoy your earned leisure time.

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