• Carson Hathaway

The Power of Nothing.

Updated: Jun 19

How much of your day do you spend staring at a TV, computer, or phone screen? A lot of time, I'd assume. When our brains receive too much external stimulus or stimuli to process effectively, we can become overstimulated, which negatively impacts our ability to think. Unfortunately, most people are constantly occupied with work or screen time to let their brains rest.

Most people don't set the time to do the most important thing humans can do outside of breathing, eating, and drinking. Think. Thinking is how we logically determine what we should say and how we should spend our time. Because of their importance, we must put thought into our future words and actions.

After reading this amazing article, spend the next 30 minutes doing nothing but lying on your bed and staring at a wall. No phones. No screens. Just you and your thoughts. During that distraction-free time, notice what thoughts appear in your head. Find out what naturally occurs to you. Those are the ideas and pieces of knowledge that are the most important, not the shit you see while scrolling through social media or the gossip you hear. If you have to get reminded of something for it to appear in your mind, chances are, it's not that important. Distinguish the natural thoughts from the artificial thoughts.

Is spending at least 30 minutes every day doing nothing but thinking normal? No. Should you give a fuck? No. Spending time with your own thoughts is far more productive than popular activities like playing video games or spending 8 hours a day on Snapchat. You likely have to make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions daily. Some are minuscule. Some are important. Spend time analyzing the important decisions. What you put into something is what you'll get out of something. The more time we put into a decision, the more you'll get out of that decision. Remember, everything you do starts with a decision.

Doing nothing is often better than doing something. There's a reason why Seinfeld, a show about nothing is arguably the best sitcom of all time. According to Tom Corley, an Author who spent five years researching the habits of rich people, numerous wealthy folks spend at least 15 minutes every day thinking. Taking the time to contemplate and visualize the future is very helpful. By taking the time to partake in uninterrupted thinking, you can determine what's truly important to you, make great decisions, and identify what you want your future to look like and how you'll get there. You don't always need something or someone around you to be productive. As the French philosopher, Blaise Pascal once said, "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone."

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