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Oh, The Outdoors.

Updated: Jun 19

I was NOT happy when I looked at the weather right after waking up. 61 degrees with 16 MPH winds? Fuck! It's not supposed to be this windy in New Jersey midway through May. As I'm sitting outside typing this, I realized that my standards for the weather must be extremely high. 16 MPH winds might sound like a lot, but its impact is minimal on a sunny 61-degree morning. Also, the fact that I'm able and willing to type this outdoors says something about the weather.

We are well past the days of winter. Who likes being outside in 25-degree weather? Who goes to the beach during December and January? The important thing is, those days are now in the rearview mirror.

Take advantage of the warm weather! Go out into nature. Listen to all the birds chirping. Feel the sun. Look at the clear blue sky. Feel the wind. Look at the beautifully colored plants. Surround yourself in nature. Be mindful of the things the great outdoors have to offer.

I could bore you with a bunch of statistics that say stuff like: "Studies show that taking a 20-minute walk every day will increase your happiness by 13%" or "Did you know that spending an entire day indoors can make you three times more depressed?". The reality is that you already know and have heard that spending time outside is crucial for your mental health. Also, people aren't receptive to facts. You know what they are receptive to? Someone yelling at them: "GET OFF THE FUCKING COUCH, STOP MINDLESSLY SCROLLING THROUGH YOUR PHONE, AND GO OUTSIDE!"

The same people who complain about the cold weather during the winter will be the first to whine about it being too hot during the summer. I realize there can be a middle ground, but maybe the weather isn't the problem. Maybe you are. It's either too hot, cold, rainy, or windy. Find what your favorite climate is and take advantage of it. Chances are, it's either right now during the Spring or the upcoming Summer days. With that being said, get off the virtual world and go spend time in the real world!

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