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How to Stay Motivated and Use Motivation.

Updated: Jun 19

Motivation can give us a spark of enthusiasm and drive to work hard. Having a strong motive is sometimes the difference between laziness and a strong desire. While feeling motivated is undeniably helpful, some people make the mistake of solely relying on being motivated. Motivation isn't permanent. It comes and goes.

Despite its temporariness, feeling motivated can be very helpful. It's important to create motivation instead of waiting for it to strike. Even if it's stupid, even if it doesn't make sense, find and stick with ideas or thoughts that make you determined to do something.

It's stupid for me to care how my classmates are doing in my psychology class. Their grades will not impact my performance. Additionally, none of those people have given me a reason to dislike them. Despite this, humans are wired to compare our progress to those around us. Our egos want us to be superior to our contemporaries. I'm no exception to that. I could take the high road and say that I'm only focused on what I can control. That wouldn't be true. For the above reasons, it's stupid for me to value the progress my classmates have or haven't made. Despite that, striving to be better than those around me is motivating.

There are days when I spend five or six hours using my phone. It drives me crazy when I look back at all that wasted time. Engaging in endless scrolling is kind of like my version of smoking weed. I tell myself I shouldn't do it before the fact. Afterward, I deeply regret it. Regardless, it doesn't take long for my mind to crave more and more content. I've spent hours taking in information that doesn't positively influence me at all. I can envision a bunch of nerds working for Instagram and Tiktok analyzing the way people use their platforms. Those nerds will use the information they've found and adjust their algorithms to keep us on their platform as long as possible. An increased time on those apps could very well lead to spending money on a product that you have otherwise wouldn't have known or seen if you weren't endlessly scrolling on social media. Do I want to help out those nerds by wasting my time on those platforms? FUCK NO! I have no clue if anything I just said makes any sense at all. Regardless, that idea helps motivate me to avoid wasting time on my phone.

It's important to know how to generate motivation on your own. With that being said, I want to remind you to avoid falling into the trap of solely relying on feeling motivated. Human nature is to do enough just to get by. When you try to push yourself, your thoughts will tell you to give up or quit. Your motivation will disappear in that scenario. That's why motivation is temporary. You know what doesn't have to be temporary? Discipline! Those who are disciplined will consistently make the right decisions. Remember, the right decision isn't always the easy decision.

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