• Carson Hathaway

Fuck Instant Gratification.

Updated: Jun 19

Humans are not patient organisms. The vast improvement of technology over the past 20 to 30 years has done anything but improve our patience. Thanks to smartphones and computers, we are able to communicate with anybody and find out anything within a matter of seconds. However, the real world doesn't always work like this. Additionally, we shouldn't expect our progress to work in the same exact manner. Personal growth and accomplishments gained take time to earn.

The reality is, the majority of people don't want or expect to wait a long time to feel happy or comfortable. To gain those much-needed feelings of comfort, people will blindly chase instant gratification. Eating junk food, binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix, and playing video games are all lazy and maybe even entertaining activities that can take up much of your day. But, what value do those previously listed activities have after the second you stop doing them?

Many people don't enjoy studying for two hours every day for their upcoming exams. Not everyone loves everything about their new diet. The reason why people consistently study and eat healthily is that they see the big picture. You typically get far more value from activities that bring you delayed gratification compared to activities that bring you instant gratification. Working out once or twice won't do shit, it's all about consistency and the compound effect. By working out enough, you will eventually hit your desired weight.

Have some respect for yourself. Will you feel better about yourself by watching 3 hours of porn tonight or getting a great night's sleep? Think of all your daily habits. Imagine that you continued those habits five times a week for the next three years. Based on that, would you expect significant growth in your personal, social or professional life? Hopefully, the answer is yes.

I have made an effort to spend lots of my time doing things that will bring me delayed gratification. I want to get 9.5 hours of sleep every night. Sleeping is far from exciting, but it's damn sure helpful. I am focused on graduating from college. This doesn't sound like much, but my time at school has been pitiful. I highly considered dropping out back in March. I thought that might have been the right decision. I really just wanted a big change and was impatient. I also now lift 6-7 days a week, which has been very challenging. (Yes, I decided to start lifting again)

As Cliché as it sounds, great things take time. Don't let impatience prevent you from chasing a satisfying long-term goal. If you think the things you desire will take too long to achieve, remember that time will pass by no matter what. Would you be better served wasting all that time or being productive? Be patient, see the big picture, fuck instant gratification.

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